New Release, April 10, 2023

We’re excited to announce the release of Slow Simmer, the first book in the Coming Home trilogy by Sheridan Jeane, on April 10, 2023!

In Slow Simmer, Mara Stellar, a comic book shop owner who’s lost her way after being gaslighted, finds herself on the brink of losing her store. When a charming movie director comes to town, she takes a chance and lets him into her life. But his grandiose plan quickly turns into a comedy of errors, and Mara realizes that if she wants to save her store, she’ll have to believe in herself and take on the world.

Ford Ross, an award-winning workaholic movie director, returns home to reconnect with his family and friends and choose his next big film project. When he meets Mara, he thinks he’s found the perfect muse. But with his film in jeopardy and his family in turmoil, he’ll have to trust in the power of friendship and family if he doesn’t want to give up on his dreams.

Slow Simmer is a heartwarming story of two people who have given up on different things in their lives and meet and fall for each other. But when their life philosophies clash, they must learn from each other if they want to have it all. Mara, who gave up her career for her family, and Ford, who gave up his family for his career, must find common ground and follow their hearts if they want to make their love story a fairytale ending.

Slow Simmer is the first book in the Coming Home trilogy, which is part of The Way to a Woman’s Heart series. It features a sexy romance and a humorous, feel-good happily ever after. This book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, or it can be read as part of The Way to a Woman’s Heart series.

Reserve your copy of Slow Simmer today and join Mara and Ford on their journey of self-discovery, love, and second chances.


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